Valves and Pumps Operation and Maintenance

Jan 6, 2015 Non classé

REF 13405

The objectives of this training are:

  1. Differentiate valves applications (relief valve, butterfly, membrane)
  2. Know the different types of actuators
  3. Have a technical regulation presentation
  4. Understand hydraulic fundamentals and discover pumping business
  5. Know the different types of pump application
  6. Know the basic laws of fluid dynamics
  7. Understand the different pumps principles
  8. Read and understand the pump catalogs and in particular the curve charts
  9. Establish specifications and make a shortlist of the best suited pump to a particular application, including its sealing system

The program of this training is the following:

  1. Reminder of hydraulic concepts
  2. The different types of fluids
  3. Practical basics of fluid dynamics
  4. The valve market
  5. The large families of valves > Relief valve> Butterfly
    > Membrane > Ball
    > Etc.
  6. The tightness and the Standards
  7. How to choose a valve
  8. Valve implementation, commissioning, maintenance
  9. The main pumps families
  10. Pumps construction
  11. Pump Implementation, commissioning, maintenance
  12. Fundamental sizes> Definitions > Units
    > Use
  13. The dynamic seals > Principles> Terminology > Advantages
    > Disadvantages > Applications> Selection method
  14. Pump in its network
  15. The operating point
  16. The cavitation
  17. The behaviour
  18. Interpret performance variations by using curves

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