REF 16104

The objectives of this training are:

  1. Share with others to prevent future incident
  2. Learn a rigorous method of analysis
  3. Discover mistakes in design and operation of the system
  4. Introduce best practices for the design of an industrial networks
  5. Present a method to assess financial damages

The program of this training is the following:

France, October 2012. On an industrial site, two
simultaneous incidents lead to the separation of two
priority units and the triggering of the autonomous
sources supplying these units. We should noticed
that the industrial site, commissioned in the 50s has
undergone many changes in its electrical network and its
source of energy supply.

  • > Check out photos of the site and the first evidences to
    start your analysis of the two incidents.
  • > During the workshop, and based on new information
    provided by our expert, you can then share your analysis
    and defend your position.
  • > Finally, your team will propose technical modifications
    to be made to ensure grid stability and redundancy of
    source of energy, then you will evaluate the cost of the
    incident and quote each of the proposed solutions.


Duration: 1 day

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