REF 13203

The objectives of this training are:

  1. Test your knowledge on transmission protections (Module 1)
  2. In-depth study of principles of protection for electrical distribution and transmission High Voltage and Extra High Voltage
  3. Master the latest technologies of the market

The program of this training is the following:


  • > Topology and architecture of transmission and distribution network
  • > Short-circuit currents in-depth study

Neutral system

  • > Presentation of the different modes of earthing
  • > Influence on the fault current
  • > Standards
  • > Comparative study of different neutral systems with their advantages and disadvantages
  • > Criteria for choosing a neutral system

Specific applications for transmission networks

  • > Circuit breaker failure, recloser
  • > Synchronism
  • > Swing power
  • > Fuse
  • > Wiring supervision
  • > Trigger circuit supervision

Transformers and busbar protection in-depth study
Presentation of the products on the market (SCHNEIDER,

Duration: 5 days

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