Étiquette : training 61892

WLE Training : IEC 61892 series of standards. Paris, 23 et 24 February 2014

This training intends to describe the engineering design drivers specifically applying for the installation of electrical equipment and materials on offshore platform. We will describe in detail all aspect of IEC 61892 series of standard.

The objectives of this training are:

  1. Present the structure of the IEC 61892 series of standards for Electrical installation (Mobile and fixed offshore units),
  2. Detail the impact of the IEC 61892 series on electrical system design,
  3. Describe the engineering design drivers applying for the installation of electrical equipment and materials in regards with the IEC 61892 series of standards,
  4. Share expert’s site experience on how to use parts of the EC-61892 in design and work situation (installation and Maintenance) and best practices on real example,
  5. Generate Q&A Session on some specific points not addressed in the IEC 61892 series and HSE standards for the petroleum industry.
  • IEC 61892-1 – General requirements and conditions
  • IEC 61892-2 – System design
  • IEC 61892-3 – Equipment
  • IEC 61892-4 – Cables
  • IEC 61892-5 – Mobile Units
  • IEC 61892-6 – Installation
  • IEC 61892-7 – Hazardous area

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WLE in Brunei ! Read the article of the Borneo Bulletin

Bandar Seri Begawan: The latest instalment of business-to-business meetings between French and Brunei companies kicked off to a positive start with as many as 80 meetings arranged for the two sides as they look for ways to supplement the country’s oil and gas industry.

In several interviews with a number of French companies currently in the Sultanate as they search for potential business partners, among what was highlighted are the various opportunities that can be explored ranging from environment preservation to the training of human resources.

On the human resource front, meanwhile, WLE’s Associate Director explained that their services can aid in the training of Brunei’s young engineers by providing them with real-life scenarios and therefore, providing them with in-depth knowledge outside the classroom.

After having discussed with two local higher education institutions, he explained that Watlab has proposed practical training for new graduates, stressing that the intent behind this move is to familiarise the students with the technical aspects of situations they would be handling in their careers.

With Brunei looking towards making available thousands of employment opportunities under the Energy White Paper that was released two years ago that aims to see 50,000 job prospects and the developing of 5,000 professionals, the services offered by Watlab could be an advantage should the institutions they met with decide to engage their offers.


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