REF 16106

The objectives of this training are:

  1. Share with others to prevent future incident
  2. Learn a rigorous method of analysis
  3. Discover mistakes in design and operation of the system
  4. Present a method to assess financial damages

The program of this training is the following:

France, Mai 2013. An electrical fire started in a power
transformer. The equipment and the building have been
destroyed. A thick smoke spread in the neighborhood
and a risk of PCB pollution is declared.
USA, June 2013, a step-down transformer, supplying with
electricity a nuclear reactor in normal operation, caught
fire, causing a release of black smoke and challenging the
safety of the entire site.

  • > Check out the photos of the incidents and the first
    evidence to start your analysis of these incidents.
  • > During the workshop, and based on new information
    provided by our expert, you can then share your analysis
    and defend your position.
  • > Finally, your team will propose technical modifications
    to be made to prevent such incidents and you will
    evaluate the cost of the incident and quote each of the
    proposed solutions.


Duration: 1 day

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