REF 14106

The objectives of this certification training are:

  • Benefit from the feedback of an expert with more than 20 years of experience
  • Know the general characteristics of sulfur hexafluoride gas or SF6
  • Understand the risks that SF6 represents for the environment – emissions and the greenhouse effect
  • Understand the regulations in force
  • Adopt good practices related to the use of SF6 gas according to the equipment concerned
  • Master the monitoring, leak detection and gas recovery devices
  • Prepare for the examination to obtain the mandatory certification valid for 5 years and referred to in the European regulation CE 517-2014


Theory :

Introduction and environmental context
Physical, chemical and environmental characteristics of SF6 gas
Use of SF6 in electrical equipment (insulation, arc extinction)
SF6 quality and its control
Recovery of SF6 and SF6-based mixtures
Storage and transport of SF6
Operation of the SF6 recovery system
Gastight connection devices for bypasses
SF6 reuse and reuse categories
Working in open SF6 compartments
Neutralization of SF6 by-products
SF6 monitoring and legal requirements
Leakage reduction and leakage control
SF6 replacement technologies

Practice :

Gas Recovery
SF6 Gas Analysis
Leak Detection



Individuals involved in the installation, maintenance, servicing, repair, or decommissioning of electrical switchgear containing F-Gases or the recovery of F-Gases from stationary electrical switchgear.


The assessment is in accordance with the requirements of the order of May 23, 2011 taken in application of Article R521-59 of the Environmental Code for the sector of high voltage switchgear :

Duration of the theoretical test per candidate: 1 hour
Duration of the practical test per candidate: 1.5 hours
The evaluation of the trainees is done by an evaluator different from the trainer.

Total duration (Training and Certification): 3 days


Pre-requisites and control methods :  

To ensure that the participants have the necessary prerequisites to fully benefit from the training, a telephone interview is systematically conducted with the Training Manager or the HR Director of the client. During this interview, we study the different positions held by the trainee and his/her current function in order to ensure that the training is adapted.

On the day of the training, an initial individual evaluation (QUIZZ of 12 questions) is carried out at the beginning of the session, after the trainees have been welcomed, under the supervision of the trainer who answers the questions but ensures that the test is carried out individually. This evaluation is generally in the form of a QUIZZ but open questions are sometimes added. A correction is systematically made at the end of the test.

Your experts:

Each trainer in charge of leading the REF 14106 courses has at least 20 years of professional experience in the fields of operation or maintenance of HV equipment containing SF6.

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