REF 13404

The objectives of this training are:

  1. Reminder of the Basic design of a combined cycle power plants: o Gas Turbine (GT)
  2. > Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)
  3. > Steam Turbine (ST)
  4. > Condenser &Cooling tower
  5. > Pump
  6. Notion of thermal efficiency
  7. Know the necessary checks and tests to monitor the water quality
  8. Build and organize the testing laboratory
  9. Conduct measurements and tests
  10. Organize inputs and outgoing
  11. Organize control laboratory
  12. Conduct measurements and tests

The program of this training is the following:

  • Tests and checks required to monitor the quality of water and sewage water
  • Specific equipment for water analysis
  • Organization of measure campaign
  • Management of the equipment
  • Self-monitoring and validation of results
  • Organization of a series of measurements
  • Maintenance of field equipment
  • Management of the consumables
  • Management of inputs and outputs
  • Service organization within the constraints

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