Month: March 2016

Asset Management Principles – ISO 55000 standards for asset management – Data analytics and system implementation in electrical power plants and networks

REF 12201

At the end of the course participants will:

  1. Understand the role, embedded principles and requirements of the ISO55000 family of standards for asset management.
  2. Understand the implications of these standards for their organisation, including opportunities and business
  3. Understand the existing vendors offers in asset management systems & support


  • Be able to plan the preparatory actions for the adoption of these standards
  • Be able to explain to others, the requirements, role and benefits of adopting ISO55000
  • •Be able to define an asset health assessment methodology


The course provides the background to the ISO55000 standards, including relationship to, derivation from and differences from the BSI PAS55 specification for optimal management of physical assets.

It refreshes the underlying concepts of joined-up, whole life cycle, optimized asset management, and clarifies the emerging international consensus on key terms and definitions. Most importantly, it explains the requirements specification (ISO55001) for a management system and outlines the implementation challenges and ways forward.

It covers the preparatory steps, and communications messages that help an organisation prepare for the standards, whether as an asset owner/operator or as a service provider. Understanding of the content, implementation and opportunities represented by the ISO5500 standards.


This course is applicable to senior management from any organisation responsible for complex or critical assets and functional systems. In particular senior planning and maintenance managers, heads of operational excellence, quality, management systems, standards and audit and technical experts functions.

Duration : 2 jours 

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