Month: May 2016


How to react in dangerous situations (Explosion, Attack, Crowd’s movement)

Formation Face à La Menace

LFI : Learning From Incident

Following the terrorist attacks in France and Belgium in busy public areas (Airports, Subway, Theatre, Stadium, Restaurants, Street), and in view of the organisation of upcoming majors events (Eurocup), WLE in cooperation with members of the French Special Police & Military Departments (GIGN, SPHP, RAID and BRI) developed several training modules to allow each of us to learn how to react in dangerous situations and to acquire best practices.

The modules consist of case studies, simulation exercises, and videos in order to cover the main topics and answer to all the questions the participants may have.

The training goals

The training goals are to :

  • Prepare yourself to live an extreme situation (explosion, attack, crowd’s movement)
  • Take vital decisions in the first few seconds.
  • Protect your family and relatives.
  • Hide, escape or defend yourself by applying simple techniques.
  • Rescue by learning lifesaving technics.

12 Modules in 1 day

  • Module 1 : Identify and analyse dangerous situations
  • Module 2 : Understand the direct and indirect hazards of each risky situation
  • Module 3 : Get to know yourself under stress
  • Module 4 : Observe (Location, Environment, Behaviour)
  • Module 5 : React appropriately after an explosion (open place and closed place)
  • Module 6 : React appropriately during an active shooter event (open place and closed place)
  • Module 7 : React appropriately during a chemical attack
  • Module 8 : Hide and disappear (office, hotel, restaurant)
  • Module 9 : Escape alone or with someone
  • Module 10 : Face the police
  • Module 11 : Rescue
  • Module 12 : Taken as Hostage (watch, talk, behave, escape)

Duration : 1 day 

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