Month: December 2016

Basics of Dynamic Line Rating – DLR

Dynamic Line Rating

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Objectives of the session:

1. Understand the principles of dynamic ratings
2. Discover DLR technologies available and compare them
3. Get an overview of the various existing data services and understand their value
4. Learn the steps to implement a DLR deployment

We propose the following agenda:

Principles of dynamic ratings and limitations of static ratings

  • Expected benefits of DLR
  • Available methods and technologies
  • Typical roadmap of electric utilities
  • Case studies

Implementation of a DLR deployment

  • Input data
  • Resources mobilized
  • Components for real-time monitoring
  • End-to-end solution

Theoretical considerations

  • Thermal limits and network congestions
  • Standards
  • Span condition (sag) measurement
  • Wind speed measurement
  • Conversion of field measurements to ampacity computations for network operation
  • Computation of temporary overload
  • Short-term forecasts
  • Day-ahead forecasts

Quiz and wrap-up


Targeted audience

The training is intended for electrical engineers working on the transmission and distribution networks. In particular, those responsible for studies and network planning, dispatchers, operations and maintenance managers.

Your expert

Séverine and Anouar are expert in DLR solutions with experience of deployments in Europe and around the world.

Duration: 1 day
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