Protection and Control for Power Generation

Protection and Control for Power Generation

REF 13409

The objectives of this training are :

  1. Acquire the concepts of alternators protection
  2. Acquire the concepts of transmission and distribution protection (HV and EHV)
  3. Learn methodologies of protection
  4. Master the latest technologies of the market

The program of this training is the following :


Network architecture, substations, and protection systems
Definition of a short-circuit current
Definition of a neutral system
Definition of a protection plan
Fundamentals of protection relay operation

Protections overview

Transformer protection
Overhead lines protection
Underground cable protection
Diagram and controls
Differential line protection

Principles of operation and design of alternators


Operating constraints and failure modes

Presentation of the elements to be protected
Faults that could affect equipment operation

Principles and protection techniques

Block alternator transformer protection
Sensors associated with protection

Alternator protection in-depth study

Protection and selectivity

Roles and impact of selectivity
Examples of selectivity studies

Network stability

Resetting & Load shedding

The current and voltage transformers

Operating principles
Choice of transformers

Presentation of the products on the market

Case study : Complete of a selectivity study

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