Chemistry of Water for Power Plant

Chemistry of Water for Power Plant

REF 13403

The objectives of this training are :

  1. Reminder of the basics
  2. Acquire the basics of water chemistry Ø Read an analytical report
  3. Understand the terminology

The program of this training is the following :

  1. Recall basic concept
    Composition of natural waters
    Concentration units
    Ionic balance
    Major contents (TH, TA, TAC)
    The reagents used in water treatment

  2. Exercises on contents and units

  3. Exercises on reagents

  4. Basics on pH

  5. Chemical reactions
    Acid-basics reactions
    Redox reaction

  6. Concentration units used in water chemistry

  7. Ionic balance of water

  8. Dilutions and preparations of the reagents

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