Control system and Instrumentation

Control system and Instrumentation

REF 13408

The objectives of this training are :

  • Understand the role of control system in a power plant
  • Master technologies to control and monitor key equipment and processes
  • Understand economics behind control systems technologies

The program of this training is the following :

  1. Introduction

  2. Control what and why

  3. Distributed Control System (DCS)

  4. Different control approaches

  5. Monitoring & Supervision

  6. Power Plant architecture :
    Supervisory Level
    Plant Control Level
    Data acquisition Level and Field Level

  7. Impact on Operation & Maintenance (O & M)

  8. Impact on Asset Management

  9. Key economics aspects :
    View on plant operation
    Downtimes reduction
    Availability tracing
    Enhanced efficiency and yield
    Secure investment (ROI)

  10. Distributed control system for gas power plants Plant efficiency
    Availability and Power quality

  11. Gas turbine control

  12. Steam turbine control

  13. Generator control and excitation
    Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
    The excitation system

  14. Isolated phase busducts
    Short circuit withstand
    Demanding seismic constraints

  15. Related instrumentation

  16. Retrofits & latest technologies available

  17. Safety, environment and energy saving systems
    Safety protection system
    Fuel gas treatment system
    Optimization control using advanced control system (APC) software

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