Managing Technical Energy Distribution Losses

Managing Technical Energy Distribution Losses

REF 13118

During this course, you will learn the root cause for each of the processes causing losses, e.g. what causes copper losses or why does meter drift occur. Understanding these phenomena will help you identify and prioritise reduction actions most suited to your own specific distribution system.

The program of the training is the following :
What is the nature of the technical and non-technical losses ?
What is the reduction potential for each of the loss causing processes ?
What is the contribution of typical grid components like cables and transformers ?
How can (non)technical losses be estimated and what type of information is required to enable estimates?
Which strategies are available for managing distribution losses ?
Which grid regulation incentives for loss reduction are available ?
How to set realistic loss targets and how to structure reduction plans ?
How to set up performance indicators and monthly loss reporting ?

Audience :

This course is designed for anybody involved in day-to-day operations involving processes that impact distribution losses. This may include meter readers, HV and MV technicians, system planners, customer affairs, administration, accounting, and others.

Duration : 3 days

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