Grid Stability

Grid Stability

REF 11105 c

The objectives of this training are :

  1. Understand the voltage stability impact on a power system
  2. Discover the blackouts and their conséquences
  3. Master methods to prevent from the impacts of voltage instability on a power network

The program of this training is the following:

Introduction and basic concepts
Definition and classification
Relationship between stability and reliability
Active and reactive power
The equipments impacting the voltage stability

The control of reactive power and the voltage
Control Objectives
Production and absorption of reactive power
Methods of voltage control
Principles of reactive compensation in transmission systems
Static and dynamic compensators

Methods of analysis
Modelling requirements
Dynamic analysis
Static analysis; Q-V modal analysis

Prevention against voltage instability
System design measurements
System operating measurements

Case studies and illustrative examples

Duration: 2 days

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