Project Management in Power Sector

Project Management in Power Sector

REF 13406

The objectives of this training are:

  1. Develop a Project Charter and Project Plan
  2. Acquire practical tools and techniques
  3. Identify the stakeholders and meet their expectations
  4. Motivate team members
  5. Acquire some basic, practical facilitation tools and techniques
  6. Learn to plan and execute project team workshops
  7. Define the scope through work breakdown structures
  8. Balance time/resource trade-offs
  9. Manage project risk
  10. Handle conflict through effective communications
  11. Gain a clear understanding of the most common reasons that projects fail

The program of this training is the following :

  • Introduction
  • What is Enterprise Project Management (EPM)
  • How do you implement an EPM culture
  • Project Strategy and Initiation
  • Challenges in project management
  • Preparing the project ‘kick-off’
  • Strategy, people, and processes as pillars of project success
  • Team building – a key project management skill
  • Preparing the Project Plan
  • Risk assessment and planning
  • Mapping out stakeholder ‘positions’
  • Managing time/resource/cost trade-offs
  • Map our your communications plan
  • Project change control
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Quality – Assurance and prevention techniques
  • Managing progress and the status review process
  • Project closeout and lessons learned
  • Use of templates for scalability and uniformity
  • Tools: MS Project – PMO
  • Cases studies

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