Selectivity studies for Electrical Networks

Selectivity studies for Electrical Networks

REF 12505

The objectives of this training are :

  1. Remind the notion of electrical fault,
  2. Understand the importance of selectivity on a grid,
  3. Identify the components of a selectivity study,
  4. Analyze the results of a study.

The program of this training is the following:

Definition of an electrical fault
Techniques of fault clearance
Objectives of selectivity
Power off a part of the network
Triggering protection system phase and earth

Tool available to achieve a selectivity study
Necessary data to study
Configurations analysis

Content of a selectivity study
Settings protective devices
Validation of the compatibility between the response times upstream and downstream

Interpretation of results
Risk analysis of non-selectivity
Case Study : definition of protections, fault currents calculation phase and earth, drawing selectivity curves phase and earth

Duration: 2 days

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