Crisis Situation In A Wind Farm

Crisis Situation In A Wind Farm

REF 16103

The objectives of this training are:

  1. Share with others to prevent future incident
  2. Learn a rigorous method of analysis
  3. Discover mistakes in design and operation of the system
  4. Introduce best practices for the design of an industrial networks
  5. Present a method to assess financial damages

The program of this training is the following:

Denmark, January 2008. A wind turbine, out of control,
explodes violently damaging its structure and endangering
the maintenance teams and the observers: parts of the
turbine were found on more than 500 meters.

France, September 2013. A sudden wind turbine caught
fire and burned almost completely.

  • Check out the photos and the first evidence to start your
    analysis of the two incidents.
  • During the workshop, and based on new information
    provided by our expert, you can then share your analysis
    and defend your position.
  • Finally, your team will propose technical modifications
    to ensure the smooth operation of the wind farm and site
    security, then you will evaluate the cost of the incident and
    quote each of the proposed solutions.

Duration: 1 day

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