Photovoltaic Energy: HV Connection

Photovoltaic Energy: HV Connection

REF 15103

The objectives of this training are:

  1. Master the fundamentals of solar energy
  2. Understand the phenomena of electrical disturbance on a network
  3. Select electrical equipments for injection following NF C13 100 HT & NF C 13-200
  4. Operate and maintain an HV facility

The program of this training is the following :

Overview of HV and MV installations characteristics
Presentation of the NF C 13-100 and 13-200
The architecture of a MV network
MV equipment
Line diagrams
Power balance

The distribution of electric energy
MV connections
Criteria to evaluate a MV / LV substation.
Earthing of MV / LV substation

Choice of equipments and power lines
Constraints of voltage and current
Selection and calculation of busbar
Determination of the coefficients according to NF C 13-100, NF C 13-200 and UTE C13-205
Principle of reactive power compensation in MV
The concept of fault current phase-earth in MV

Duration: 3 days

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