Calculation of Current Faults

Calculation of Current Faults

REF 12504

The objectives of this training are :

  1. Define a fault current,
  2. Mastering both methods of calculation of short circuit currents,
  3. Apply these methods on a real case.

 The program of this training is the following:

  • Overview
  • > Origin and definition of the short circuit current
  • > Definition of the main short-circuit faults
  • Calculating short circuit currents with impedance method
  • > Icc by type of short circuit
  • > Calculation of short-circuit impedances
  • > Examples of Iccs’ calculation
  • Calculating short-circuit current with the symmetrical components
  • > Theory of symmetrical components faults
  • > The IEC 60909
  • > Equations of the different currents
  • > Examples of Iccs’ calculation
  • Constraints on the design and maintenance of equipments
  • > Physical consequences on equipments
  • > Importance of each quantity (direct, inverse, zero sequence) on the operation of equipments and machines
  • > Example and calculations


Duration: 2 days

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